Thank you for visiting the Shoreham Village website. We are proud of our village and the residents who make up the village. We invite you to look around, see the photos on line and to visit us in person. Shoreham Village is a progressive village with a council that really cares about its residents.

Important Notice:  To view the Hearing Notice for September 2014, click below, click Notice of Hearing under the HOME tab above, or click here to download a copy of the notice by clicking on the following:  Hearing_notice_Sept_2014 OR, click on this link.

Recently, in an effort to help promote neighborliness within the community, and to help people get to know each other, our council approved an Events Committee to set up a variety of events for our residents. The first event was a village picnic on June 21, 2014. It was estimated 20-22% of our residents attended the picnic.

Come on back and visit us here often at Shoreham VIllage. Like our Facebook page and look at the photos from the Shoreham VIllage picnic. We will include photos of our other events as they occur.

If you are a resident of Shoreham Village and you want to know how our village works, come to our village council meetings the second Wednesday of the month at 7:30pm in the village hall, located at 2160 Brown School Road. You can find the agenda under the Village Government page of this website.